Machinima is a method of making an animated film by using software that is designed for making video and computer games. These “films” can range from long or short in length. There is a large community of people online who make and view machinima on a regular basis.

Some of the content is purely original, while others are inspired by outside sources or in game characters and content. Common video games that are adapted into machinima are World of Warcraft, the Halo game series, The Sims 3, Modern Warfare, and more.


Sites such as YouTube and Warcraft Movies host World of Warcraft machinima content. Hollywood films, music, and stories are often adapted into these videos.

In the case of the massive multi-player online role playing game, World of Warcraft, in game characters are made into “actors” of a sort. Voice overs and music can be added to tell the story as well. It is essentially up to the creator since this is their piece of art. Most “real” films that are made for the big screen use a source of inspiration for characters. In this specific setting, the machinima artist is inspired by both the game (which has been created by a company and has a story line of its own), and perhaps a story that already exists outside of the new film.

Ultimately, machinima is a new wave of adaptation that has risen with the advancement of technology. Film was born after the novel, and now machinima is the offspring of both film and video game with the text serving as a grandparent in the family tree.

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