Halo: Combat Evolved the Video Game


halo_Cover.jpgHalo:Combat Evolved was released by Bungie and Microsoft as a introductory game that was released at the same time as the first Xbox Console. The game developed a cult following. Sequels of the game generated some of the highest sales for video games ever recorded. Halo 2 sold 2.4 million copies in the first 24 hours after it's release neting $125 million in sales. That record was broken by Halo 3 with $175 million in sales the first 24 hours. The most recent game Halo: Reach generated $200 million in sales the first 24 hours. To compare this to a recent film, Twilight: Breaking Dawn had $139 in box office sales in it's opening weekend. The money that was made by the video game generated interest in other mediums for adaptation.

Considerations for Adaption

The adaptation of the video game led to creative choices in the portrayal of the game through novel and other mediums. A video game should be viewed as an art form. When looking at it in that way, seeing the adaptative process becomes a little more clear. The video game provides images, action cues, a plot, and a script through it's medium, so any adaptation needs to stay within the paremeters of that outline. A majority of Halo consumers are adamant that any adaptations stay fairly fateful to the game story. This is shown in the lack of sales for Halo offshoots like the game Halo:ODST.

One difficulty that comes with adapting a video game, is adapting the gameplay into another medium. A majority of a video game interaction is through game play. It allows the user to be interactive in the world created by the artist. It's an interaction that can't take place in any other medium. To replicate that takes creative enginuity that hasn't been hyper-successful.