The Adaptation of Combat Evolved
Far in the future huanity is faced with extinction. An alien race calling itself, "The Covenant" is attempting to exterminate humans as part of it's religious plight. As the planet Reach, a planet that exists as a military base, is destroyed the Covenant, Master Cheif John, Spartan-117, is given the greatest asset left to humanity. As he escapes on a spaceship called "The Pillar of Autumn" he lands on a mysterious world built on the inside of a ring looking just like a halo. He discovers that the ring, "Halo", is a weapon. A weapon that could turn the tide of the war. That is the premise of the story as the Master Cheif fights both the Covenant and a new enemy contained within Halo. While Gameplay is a major reason for the poplarity, the plot line is higly adaptable. What started as a launch game as the original Xbox sytem was released, developed a cult following stirring up some of the highest grossing video games of all time.

The success of the game has led to the Halo brand to be adapted into a novel series, short film series, toys and board games, and even a living monument. That does not even mention the movie that is currently in the works. The development of this brand is more than apt to show how an adaptable storyline, as well as a strong revenue stream, can lead to a myriad of adaptation outlets.

Halo the Video Game
Halo the Novel
Halo the Living Monument
Halo the Movie???