Epic Mickey

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Epic Mickey is a 2010 video game for the Nintendo Wii console that is based off of Walt Disney's shows, movies as well as his popular theme parks. The two main characters in the video game are Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. A curious Mickey Mouse travels through his bedroom mirror and stumbles upon a drawn out world where all of the forgotten Disney cartoon characters, movies, shows as well as theme park rides reside. This is called the Cartoon Wasteland . While Mickey was fiddling with the paint brushes, he accidentally spills ink on the world which creates an evil character called The Blot. The Blot gets released into the Cartoon Wasteland and Mickey runs away back through the mirror and eventually forgets about what he has done until The Blot travels through his mirror and abducts him. The Blot needs Mickey's heart and the forgotten characters don't have one anymore. When Mickey returns to the world he realizes what exactly it is and how sad all of the characters are. Especially Oswald the Lucky Rabbit because of how he was the first character created by Walt Disney but now he is forgotten and Mickey remains famous. Mickey decides that he needs to help the world. He travels through multiple areas of Disneyland fixing the world and defeating the enemies with a magic paint brush that he acquired from the creator of the world. His only two means from the paint brush to help the world are paint and paint thinner. To get from one level to another, Mickey must travel through old cartoon shows such as Steamboat Willie and old movies such as Sleeping Beauty and Fantasia. In the end, Mickey defeats The Blot and the Cartoon Wasteland becomes a happy place for them to reside in.

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Character and Concept Adaptations in Epic Mickey

Epic Mickey is based off of a variety of adaptations and this video game really shows the different ways that you can translate stories and make them into a new creation. The creators of this video game took many of the old, black and white Disney characters and gave them a story. This story explains where they have been for all this time while people have forgotten about them. They are the same characters but with a different, more modern look. The creators also bring back many concepts creating an entire adapted world.

  • One of the most important adaptations that appears within the game is the famous statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse that appears at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. In Epic Mickey however, the world is full of forgotten characters so Oswald appears holding Walt's hand in the game. This shows a completely different world than the one we are used to.
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  • Another important adaptation that includes Oswald, is "Os-Town." In reality it is based off of Toon Town that appears in both Disneyland as well as Disney World. This adds to the whole new story that we are given in this unique adaptation.
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  • Some other adaptations that we see in the video game are original rides that we see in Disneyland and Disney World. In the game they are much more distorted and creepy to show that they are old and forgotten rides.
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  • Another ride that has been adapted is It's A Small World.
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  • The characters are very interesting. They are usually black and white or some other distortion. One example is Clarabelle. She is a much older character and as you can see in the original picture, she is very colorful and happy. In the Epic Mickey adaptation of her, she is black and white and actually doesn't do much at all.

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  • Donald Duck is another example of the distortions that are used.

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Movie and Show Adaptations

Another type of adaptation that you will find in this video game are the changes between levels. In order to go from level to level, Mickey must travel through forgotten cartoon shows and movies. He must make it through different obstacles that are unique to the specific cartoon. The following clip shows a little of the movie that plays during the video game and at 1:00 Mickey must make his way through the Steamboat Willie cartoon.

Adaptations are best when they can come be made into something completely new and tell a new story. In Epic Mickey, the creators took well known but old characters and told you a new story about where they had been. It also reached a wide new audience by being made into a video game which is a different medium than the original stories are frequently told in.

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